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Training Options

Obedience is used as a foundation to help solve most behavioral issues. Most of all, training is an investment in your dog's future that will help them live a happy, well-balanced life.

Overnight Camp


  • Multiple package options available to fit your needs and budget

  • Your dog will board and train at Homestead Dogs facility for up to 1 to 4 weeks (We also have a day camp for training as well)

  • You will receive periodic updates on how training is going through photos and or video clips via text or email.

  • At the end of their stay, we will do a take-home lesson that will demonstrate what your dog has learned. This will include hands-on instruction for those who attend

  • follow up support will be available after completion of program.

  • Payment plans are available by request.


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Private Lessons


  • Private lessons take place with a certified professional trainer

  • We will train you to train your dog

  • We encourage you to ask lots of questions

  • You need to feel comfortable with everything you learn

  • Multiple packages are offered


Puppy Playtime

  • This is for Socializing your puppy so they can learn dog language skills from other dogs.

  • We will schedule a play session when I have social dogs in our kennels that will help socialize your puppy.

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